Metal Mike Rocks “Metal Week Summer Camp”

By Pauline France

August 3, 2011

Metal Mike and preferred weaponry.

Axeman Mike “Metal Mike” Chlasciak has just conducted his “Metal Week Summer Camp” at the Chatham, N.J., School of Rock location. The intensive course took place July 25-29, and concentrated on offering students a set list of metal classics while preparing them for a live performance.

The grand metal week finale took place at a Sam Ash location in Springfield, N.J., where Chlasciak joined the young metallers for a rendition of Pantera’s “Walk.”

“I was totally into working with the young metalheads and will tell you right now that metal is alive and well judging by the determination, talent and enthusiasm that is abundant with the young metallers,” Chlasciak said. “If you think all the young hearts belong to pop or rap, think again.”

And just take a look at that set list:

Whiplash (Metallica)
2 Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden)
Hell Bent for Leather (Judas Priest)
Walk (Pantera)
Pull the Plug (Death)
Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth)
Dr. Stein (Helloween)
Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath)
Evil (Mercyful Fate)
Believe in Nothing (Nevermore)

Metal Mike is currently preparing a solo record called The Metalworker, which features Daath’s Kevin Talley and vocal titan Carlos Zema.

For more info, visit Metal Mike’s website here.