Metal Mike Offers New, More Challenging Lesson

By MDuffy

January 18, 2012

Halford guitarist “Metal” Mike Chlasciak is currently working on his upcoming solo album, The Metalworker, but he still has time to check in with JacksonGuitars.com.

Below, Metal Mike offers his latest lesson via Guitar World‘s “Metal For Life” column:

Hey Jackson Shredders,

Here is a challenging, but not over the top intimidating example for all you metalheads that enjoy the neo-classical guitar movement.

This etude in based on arpeggios across the fretboard. Getting this one down will help out with many aspects of your playing.  Check it out and keep wailing those RRs.

Horns up high, Metal Mike.

In album news, Chlasciak recently tabbed Symphony X bassist Mike LePond to contribute to The Metalworker, joining drummer Kevin Talley (Daath, Six Feet Under, Chimaira, Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus) and singer Carlos Zema (Outworld).

“I am really excited to have once again been able to work with Mike.  Mike’s ability as a musician and bassist are hard to match. He came in unbelievably well prepared and just tore it up as we all expect of him to. It was amazing to see how quickly he works in the studio. I would like to thank Mike for his fantastic work!

“If you are in need for no apologies screaming heavy metal we all love, then we have the record for you. I’m really looking forward to sharing this with everyone,” LePond said in a statement.

The Metalworker is currently being mixed at Dead Room Recording Studio in San Antonio, Texas, with engineer Orlando Villasenor.