Metal Mike Column Debuts in April Guitar World

By Jeff Owens

March 11, 2011

That Metal Mike—he’s always so great about keeping in touch and keeping Jackson fans up on all his latest news. Most recently, his own monthly column just started running in Guitar World magazine, starting with the April 2011 issue (the one with Jeff Beck on the cover), but we prefer to let him tell you in his own words …

Hello everyone. On newsstands now is the April issue of Guitar World. In it you can find the first installment of my monthly guitar column, properly titled “Metal For Life.” It’s a meat-and-potatoes instructional feature focusing on playing heavy metal. Besides showing readers how I like to approach things, I will also break down and show ideas and techniques from other artists who are making quality metal music.

I’m happy and honored to be able to contribute to my favorite guitar mag. My first lesson is “Single String Carnage,” or a way of playing riffs on a single string.

-Metal Mike

In other MM news, the Jackson-wielding shredder appears on a couple recent releases. These include Scheepers, the long-awaited solo release from Primal Fear vocalist Ralf Scheepers; and Halford IV: Made of Metal, the new studio album by multi-platinum vocalist Rob Halford. Like so:

And we always like family photos around here, and Metal Mike was kind enough to send along the candid shot below of the man himself in 2009 in a relaxed moment in front of the Musonia School of Music in Los Angeles, where the late, great Randy Rhoads once studied and taught. Nice.