Metal Mike Chlasciak Featured In Berklee College Of Music’s Podcast

By Pauline France

February 7, 2012

Jackson artist Metal Mike Chlasciak was spotlighted in in Berklee College of Music’s “Sounds of Berklee” iTunes podcast last month.

In a recent statement, Chlasciak, who attended Berklee from 1990-1994, said he we was “psyched” to be featured on the renowned school’s podcast.

“It is an awesome surprise to be a part of it, to be honest,” said Chlasciak. “Especially since I was just a crazy metalhead blowing up the amps while studying there. Most other students were a bit more ‘proper’ by playing jazz.”

The song featured in the podcast is “The One You Love To Hate” from Rob Halford’s  Resurrection. Listen to the podcast here.

In addition, Metal Mike has relaunched his official website, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel with lots of new content, including links to his latest “Metal for Life” column and video lesson in the March 2012 issue of Guitar World.

“I am really happy to let you all know that the new official site is active. A good artist website can be challenging to put together, but I feel we have assembled a cool place for everyone to get all kinds of information in an easy to get to manner,” he said in a statement. “In addition, I have assembled a great collection of rare photos from the last 12 years and we made things as cohesive and complete as we could.

“The more popular features from the last site such as the ‘Ask Metal Mike’ column are also carried over.”

View Part I of his video below: