Metal Mike Checks In With Jackson, Adds Latest Video Blog

By Pauline France

November 23, 2011

Prolific shred maestro Metal Mike recently checked in with the JacksonGuitars.com blog with an update from an epic performance in New Jersey.

From his pen to our pages:

Hey Jackson shredders. I just wanted to write in and give you a quick update.

While taking a quick break from the House Of Metal studio where I am recording my Metalworker album, I recently caught up with a fellow Jackson brutalizer Scott Ian when Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel played a sold-out show at New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom.

It was a killer night with all bands delivering the goods. Anthrax was just insanely on. Crushing clear guitar tones and a tight set – it was killer! Scott killed it and credit also must be given to their lead guitarist Rob Caggiano, who was tearing up some insane leads.

Special thanks to Jose Mangin from Sirius FM/Headbanger’s Ball and his lovely wife for making the bands and their guests killer tacos. They were surely made with much metal love. Thanks guys.

And, I guess since we are talking about some major down picking (where else are you gonna find more down strokes than an Anthrax show) – check out the new installment of my “Metal For Life” column in Guitar World called “Mad Butcher” (Yes, I did take the title from the classic album of the same name from Destruction).

The column focuses on playing heavy riffs using tight down-picking and is found in the holiday issue on newsstands now.

Enjoy and until next time – keep it loud,

Metal Mike

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