‘Metal is Appealing to the Outcasts’

By Chrissy Mauck

June 9, 2016

“I love heavy metal mostly because it’s appealing to the outcasts and awkward people, like myself,” says Exmortus singer and guitarist Conan Gonzalez in the video below. “It’s for everyone really because it’s appealing in many ways. It’s aggressive. It can also be dynamic, highly expressive and emotional and passionate so it’s very appealing to people who are really into the art and can get really deep into certain subjects.”

Inspired heavily by Randy Rhoads, Gonzalez of course rocks a Jackson Pro Series Rhoads RR.

“It’s spiky and it just looks awesome, and of course, the white guitar looks amazing and stands out,”  Gonzalez offered. “Jackson guitars struck me as fucking awesome and ideal for shred so I’ve been playing Jackson for a good 16 years now.”

Learn more about his inspirations and background with metal and Jackson guitars in this exclusive Jackson video below.