Megadeth Celebrate 35 Years Off Kicking Ass with New ‘Lying in State’ Video

By Jackson WEB ADMIN

February 2, 2018

In celebration of 35 years as one of metal’s biggest bands, Megadeth has released an incredible new music video for their track “Lying in State” off of 2016’s Dystopia album.

After a positive experience working with director Leo Liberti for their “Conquer or Die” music video, Megadeth invited the Brazilian award-winning director back to helm their latest production, which features the band’s mascot Vic Rattlehead exploring the ruins of an abandoned cemetery. When all hell breaks loose, the cyborg unsheathes his sword and a bloody battle ensues.

Jackson artist David Ellefson is barely phased by the insanity around him and continues to rock his USA Signature David Ellefson Concert™ Bass CB V.

35 years is a huge accomplishment for the “big four” band and a slew of special releases and events celebrating the achievement are expected. Stay tuned for more from Ellefson and Megadeth …