Mark Morton Dominion-ates "Guitar World"!

By Jeff Owens

September 15, 2009

Jackson signature axeman Mark Morton has once again sharpened both his profile and that of the guitars that proudly boast his name. In addition to having his own monthly column (called—what else?—”Dominion”) in Guitar World, the November 2009 issue of the biggest-selling six-string magazine on the planet also features a giveaway sweepstakes for a brand-new Jackson Mark Morton Dominion™ D2. And if that’s not enough, the Guitar World website and the CD-ROM that accompanies the magazine feature an exclusive video clip of Morton playing and describing his brand-new affordable axe (watch now right here).

The D2 is available now, so check one out at your local Jackson dealer. Wanna win one? Pick up a copy of the November 2009 Guitar World and flip to page 65 to find out how! What are you waiting for?