Job For a Cowboy Lasso Headline Slot at Download 2010

By Jeff Owens

June 24, 2010

Born in Glendale, Ariz., in 2003, Job For a Cowboy has ridden a long way in the past seven years. After a short break from a relentless touring schedule, the band re-saddled and headed out to the prestigious Download Festival in England earlier this month. Not only were the band on the bill of the first day of the three-day metal marathon, they deservedly headlined the festival’s Third Stage on Friday, June 11, 2010. And thanks to their brutal, patented blend of death metal and hard-core, they quickly whipped the large throng watching them into a headbanging frenzy of circle pits.

Just before their triumphant Download performance, the band’s Jackson-wielding axeman, Al Glassman, graciously found the time to rap with us about his axe and amps. Thanks for taking the time before kicking some serious ass onstage, Al!