Jackson Welcomes Jake Wilkes of Disentomb to our Artist Roster

By Sara Norton

July 19, 2018

Photo credit: Dark Division Media

We are amped to bring Jake Wilkes on as a Jackson artist.

Wilkes has been tearing apart the guitar at neck-breaking speeds with his Disentomb bandmates since forming back in 2009. The Australian death metal band is fresh off the “Devastation of the Nation Tour,” with Wilkes leaving a scorched earth in his wake with the help of his Pro Series Mick Thomson Series Soloist SL2.

“It’s an absolute honor to be working with Jackson and playing the new Mick Thomson Pro Series Soloist,” he said. “It is perfect for fast, heavy riffing and has the best tuning stability of any guitar I have ever played,” said Wilkes. “I can’t wait to get back out on the road so people can hear this beast in action.”

Now that the tour has wrapped, Wilkes is heading to the studio to work on the band’s third studio album.

Welcome aboard, speed demon.