Jackson Shreds 2011 Guitar World Gear Guide

By Jeff Owens

November 1, 2010

Concorde on the cover ...

’Tis the season for the annual Guitar World magazine gear guide, and this year’s model, or models, we should say—as in plural—won’t disappoint Jackson fans.

You don’t even have to open the 2011 Guitar World Holiday Review Guide to start getting a Jackson eyeful. That’s because, right there on the cover, there’s Holly’s World star Holly Madison clad in little but a white bathing suit and a Jackson Custom Shop Randy Rhoads Concorde guitar. It’s a meticulous replica of the very first guitar to bear the Jackson name; the one famously sketched by Rhoads himself in late 1980 as he envisioned a new guitar model; the one he decided to name after the supersonic aircraft that speedily brought him home for the holidays that year after his first European tour with Ozzy Osbourne. Gorgeous.

And that’s just the cover. Inside, see the shout-out to the Jackson Demmelition King V™ and Mark Morton Dominion D2™, both on page 30, and model Angel Porinno posing with a limited edition 30th Anniversary RR5FR Rhoads on page 41. Also gorgeous.

Happy holidays, shredders. The 2011 Guitar World Holiday Review Guide is on newsstands now. So get going, already …

... and 30th Anniversary RR5FR Rhoads on page 41.