Jackson Mark Morton Videos

By Jeff Owens

July 8, 2009

Lamb of God axeman stars in three new clips …

When Grammy-nominated, groundbreaking U.S. metal kings Lamb of God hit Phoenix in early April 2009 for the first date of the band’s headlining North American tour for their chart-topping sixth studio album Wrath, guitarist Mark Morton graciously invited Jackson’s video crew down to the venue mere hours before the show.

There, the fleet-fingered and always-eloquent Jackson signature artist let us train our cameras on him for a trio of videos in which Morton gives an up-close-and-personal look at his band, his gear, and his role as one of modern metal’s sharpest shredders. Enough talk—let’s roll the clips, all three of which feature live footage of Lamb of God tearing up a soundcheck …

Jackson Guitars Presents Mark Morton: Lamb of God on Tour
Morton talks about touring and how his dark, foreboding guitar tone evolved for Wrath, which slammed into Billboard at #2 when released in early 2009—the band’s best chart debut ever.

Jackson Guitars Presents Mark Morton: Dominion
Morton gives a guided tour of his Jackson Custom Shop “Black Beauty” Dominion guitar, and discusses the development of his Dominion signature model, his varied musical influences and why Jackson is “synonymous with great heavy metal guitars.”

Jackson Guitars Presents Mark Morton: Rack of Jacksons
Rack ’em up! Join Morton as he brings you up onstage to give you a personal guided tour of the Jackson axes he’s using on the road—including his beloved Dominions, a gorgeous mahogany Soloist, an Adrian Smith San Dimas DK and the very first Rhoads Jackson ever sent him.