Iron Maiden’s New Final Frontier Online Game Now Playing

By Jeff Owens

August 3, 2010

Intro screen for new Iron Maiden online game The Final Frontier.

It’s game on for Iron Maiden fans. Just ahead of the mid-August release of new studio album The Final Frontier, Maiden’s new Final Frontier online outer-space game is now up and running at www.thefinalfrontiergame.com.

Here’s the premise: Maiden is on its way to its first intergalactic gig when evil space pirates attack and destroy their cargo ship. The band escapes, but their gear is scattered all over the solar system—guitars, drums, PA stuff, the whole bit. Perpetually decaying band mascot Eddie comes to the rescue in his own special spacecraft, “Ed Force One,” to “salvage the equipment” and “destroy everything that stands in his way.”

In the five-level game, you pilot Ed Force One, maneuvering the craft to collect the scattered gear and deliver it aboard another cargo ship, and acquiring weapons to fend off the space pirates and other nasty threats. You accomplish all this with the aid of fuel, shield, radar and map tools, and there are a couple of bonus letters on each level that, if you snag ’em both, let you unlock an Iron Maiden wallpaper download.

The Final Frontier is the band’s second online promotional game; the first was launched to support the spring 2009 release of documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666. That game, Flight 666, amassed a phenomenal 4.5 million plays, proving in yet another arena just how popular the mega-selling U.K. metal institution remains with loyal fans.

So what are you waiting for? Climb aboard Ed Force One and start racking up points with Iron Maiden at www.thefinalfrontiergame.com