GYZE Gears Up For Album Release With Single ‘Asian Chaos’

By Sara Norton

June 14, 2019

Japanese melodic death metal quartet GYZE dropped the music video for the title track off upcoming fourth studio album Asian Chaos, and it’s a hell of a wild ride.

The video opens to ryūteki players in traditional dress gathered on the stone steps of a veranda before GYZE lead guitarist Ryoji cuts in with a guttural yell and pummeling riffs on his custom mirrored Jackson Kelly. Ukrainian singer Stacy Ukr provides the celestial vocals over the merciless track, while fellow guitarist Shinkai keeps the tone quick and tight on his Pro Series King V KV.

Asian Chaos will be released July 10 via JVC/Victor Entertainment and Black Sheep Records. Give the new single a listen below, and catch GYZE on tour here.