Guitars Stolen From Machine Head's Robb Flynn

By Jeff Owens

September 14, 2010

Machine Head's Phil Demmel onstage at England's Download Festival.

Home of Machine Head’s Robb Flynn robbed; four guitars including a priceless gift from Dime among stolen items—keep your eyes and ears open …

Yeah, we know: Robb Flynn of Machine Head doesn’t use Jackson, but that’s not what this post is about, and we love Robb and his magnificent band anyway. And, yes, the fact that Machine Head boasts a bona fide Jackson-wielding maniac in Phil Demmel doesn’t hurt either. Simply put, metal is a community, and regardless of what amps or axes a player uses, when one of us is robbed or hurt if affects all of us. That’s what this post is about.

As you may have already heard, Robb’s San Francisco home was robbed recently, and the thieving lowlife SOBs who committed the crime not only took his Grammy nomination medal and a mini guitar he bought for his son, but also grabbed one of Robb’s most prized possessions—a blue Washburn “Dimebolt” prototype guitar, personally given to him by late, great Pantera axeman Dimebag Darrell. Damn, that’s just plain sacrilegious as far as we’re concerned …

Robb has offered a $2000 reward for the return of the Dimebolt, but this isn’t about money. So if you hear or see anything suspicious, please do the right thing. And if one of the thieves happens to read this, let’s just say that the lyrics to “Ascetics of Hate”—a song ironically written in response to a gutter “journalist” who bashed both Dimebag and our community—apply to you. To quote Mr. Flynn, “I hope you burn.” Here’s also hoping that Robb gets his beloved guitars and medal back.

If you hear, see or know anything about this crime, please contact mike@machinehead1.com immediately. And please watch this clip about the crime from a Bay Area NBC affiliate: