Gojira Deliver Second Magma Single “Silvera”

By Morgan Brunner

May 23, 2016

Gojira have returned to the metal scene with a vengeance, delivering a mind-blowing new video for second single “Silvera” off upcoming June 17 album Magma.

Directed by Drew Cox, the artful and abstract video consists of many surreal and symbolic themes that are left open to the viewer’s interpretations. The scenes include picturesque views of the band on a New York rooftop, faceless clones whose features only appear in tablets, a dancing woman covered in a white sheet, a boy with a crown of thorns, and bodies levitating towards the sky.

The video is a juxtaposition of beautiful and disturbing, chaotic and peaceful, wondrous and alarming. It’s an experience that draws you in and beckons you to watch several times over to let it all sink in.

Check out the video for “Silvera” below, featuring Christian Andreu on his new  Jackson signature model.