Def Leppard’s Collen Plays on Huckabee

By Jeff Owens

March 8, 2011

Turns out that Def Leppard guitarist and longtime Jackson signature artist Phil Collen and Fox News talk show host/former Arkansas governor/onetime presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee had such a great time playing together at the NAMM show just this past January that they decided to reprise their performance.

Hence the clip below, in which the two seemingly unlikely bandmates teamed up once again, this time on the March 7 edition of Huckabee’s eponymously titled Fox News show. Collen brought along guitarist Steve Brown and drummer Kyle Fiero; the three joined their host—no slouch on bass, that Mike Huckabee—for a scorching rendition of Def Lep classic megahit “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

Pretty cool? We vote “yes.” Enjoy the clip …