Death Angel Live DVD Out, European Tour Under Way

By Jeff Owens

June 17, 2009

Cavestany onstage.

Five years after acclaimed comeback album The Art of Dying and follow-up Killing Season, influential San Francisco thrash metal quintet Death Angel (with Jackson-wielding guitarist Rob Cavestany) has released its first-ever live DVD, Sonic German Beatdown, consisting of two full-length concerts filmed in Germany.

The two-disc DVD set presents performances from the 2007 Rock Hard Festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and a 2008 club show in Adelsheim, Germany. Bonus material includes music videos for “Thicker Than Blood” and “Dethroned,” and a live CD of the Rock Hard Festival performance (also available as a vinyl double album).

Further, Cavestany and bandmate Ted Aguilar can be seen on EMGTV (www.emgpickups.com/pages/emgtv) demonstrating classic Death Angel riffs and discussing their gear; there’s also an interview there with Cavestany about his new signature Jackson “Death Angel” guitar.

For those interested in experiencing Death Angel live, the band’s “Summer Madness” 2009 European tour with Kataklysm and Keep of Kalessin is well under way, with Mexican concert dates scheduled for September. Dates and cities are:


22    Pamplona, Spain
23    Porto, Portugal
24    Vigo, Spain
25    Gijón, Spain
27    Dessel, Belgium
28    London
29    Leeds, England
30    Nottingham, England


1     Essen, Germany
2     Munich, Germany
3     Tolmin, Slovenia
5     Rome
6     Torino, Italy
9     Novi Sad, Serbia
10    Vizovice, Czech Republic
11    Nijmegen, Netherlands
12    Braunschweig, Germany
14    Warsaw, Poland
15    Tokaj, Hungary


15    Oulu, Finland


13    Mexico City
15    Monterrey, Mexico
16    Monterrey, Mexico