David Ellefson Breaks Down His Top 5 Bass Riffs with Guitar World

By Morgan Brunner

April 29, 2016

David Ellefson dropped by the Guitar World studios to breakdown his top five favorite Megadeth bass riffs, including a demo of each song and tips and tricks to perfect the famous tunes.

The thrash metal legend kicks off the segment with the song “Fatal Illusion” from new album Dystopia. He follows that up with the classic “Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying”, in which he notes the importance of positioning the guitar away from the body so that his hand falls more naturally on the neck.

Ellefson continues with “Dawn Patrol” and his all-time favorite song to play live, “Symphony of Destruction.” Finally, he ends with “Holy Wars,” a song that puts the bassist’s skills to the test, describing it as the “everything I’ve ever learned on the bass riff.”

Check out the video below: