Chris Broderick and Alex Skolnick Offer Winter Guitar Retreat

By Pauline France

October 3, 2011

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your shred on with some of the world’s most skilled guitarists, your opportunity has arrived. Megadeth guitarist and Jackson signature artist Chris Broderick has teamed up with Testament’s Alex Skolnick to offer the first-ever “Winter Guitar Retreat” in a setting so enchanting it’s almost surreal.

The ultimate guitar getaway runs from Dec. 26-Dec. 30 at New York’s Full Moon Resort, where a select group of guitarists from all skill levels will get the opportunity to study with Broderick and Skolnick. Students can also unwind by snowboarding or taking part in other outdoor activities. Want to sign up? Visit sbwinterguitarretreat.com for details.

See the video below to get an invite personally from the guitar virtuosos…