Caught In a Mosh—Athens style!

By Jeff Owens

July 8, 2010

Attention all fans of Jackson, Anthrax and metal in general: You gotta to see this! When Anthrax axeman Scott Ian, one of the first and finest masters of mosh, refers to a massive Sonisphere festival audience as the “sickest crowd of the tour,” then you know it’s either gonna be something special, sick … or, in this case, both! Check out the below video posted by the Jackson signature artist himself that he aptly titled “Holy Crap Greece Knows How to Mosh”:

As you’ll see, the clip is shot from the stage of Anthrax’s skull-crushing set at Sonisphere in Athens, Greece, on June 24. Watch as the Jackson-wielding Ian and his band mates put on an electrifying performance of “Indians” from indispensable ’87 thrashterpiece Among the Living that turns the crowd into a seething maelstrom of Anthrax-infected humanity.

And, at 4:14, something already special gets even cooler when the band, fronted once more by vocalist Joey Belladonna, segue into Black Sabbath’s legendary track “Heaven and Hell” as a touching tribute to the late, great Ronnie James Dio. Scott and company totally nail the music and Joey and the crowd totally nail the vocals before charging headfirst back into “Indians” for one of the finest mosh-riffs ever written—the classic “War Dance” section of the song.

If you’re wondering what Jackson axe Scott is abusing, check out this clip from the already legendary “Big Four” show in Sophia, Bulgaria on June 22, which was shown in over 800 cinemas worldwide that same night! As you’ll see it’s a custom version of his famous “NOT” Soloist with the cover art of Among the Living on the body. We built this guitar for him especially for that show, and no thanks to Bulgarian customs, who seemed hell-bent on holding it hostage. But with sincere thanks to Anthrax tour manager extraordinaire John “Wedge” Branon, Scott got it literally hours before hitting the stage. Enjoy …