All That Remains’ Oli Herbert Showcases his Jackson USA Signature Limited Edition Rhoads

By Chrissy Mauck

June 11, 2018

In a new video interview, All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert showcases his all-new Jackson USA Signature Limited Edition Rhoads model with some rapid-fire fretwork and a close look at some of its key features.

Available in an elegant Red Rum finish applied to the mahogany body with ¾” quilt maple top, this new signature axe is powered by a pair of revolutionary Seymour Duncan® Duality humbucking pickups featuring a hybrid design to combine the tonal flexibility of passive pickups with the added benefit of an active onboard preamp

“They are incredibly transparent, and they are very hot, very bright and everything you play gets really out in your face,” says Herbert. “It’s not mushy or anything like that and very high gain.”

Herbert also reveals why he’s so keen on the Rhoads shape.

“The reason why I play this shape guitar goes back to my first inspiration to play the instrument, which was Randy Rhoads,” he explains. “I thought it was a great looking guitar and when I started playing — and I was a student of classical guitar as well — I liked how the guitar just sits where it needs to sit. A lot of guitars are neck heavy and they do this (demonstrates a nose dive) and that sucks when you are on stage. It’s like having to pull your pants up every two seconds.”

Hear more from Herbert by watching the video below.