9 Jaw-Dropping Jackson Custom Shop Models

By Chrissy Mauck

January 21, 2016

Jackson kicked off the 2016 NAMM Show on Wednesday night with a viewing of its Custom Shop guitars.  It was an insane collection, and below we’ve highlighted 9 jaw droppers.

Jackson Soloist Double Neck 6/12

Inspired by a Marine aircraft carrier, the Jackson Soloist Double Neck 6/12 Harrier is an absolute monster.

Custom-built by Mike Shannon, the double neck guitar features 12 strings on top and six on bottom with old-school mated headstocks. Dan Lawrence provided the custom paint job, which has a camouflage theme with Jackson 2016 on one side to mark the year.

Jackson Dinky 1H Skinned

Master FX artist Tim Gore put his wizardry to work on this custom Dinky, featuring an alder body, ebony fingerboard and gory flesh-like finish.  With an eyeball volume knob, stitched “skin” and row of teeth, this guitar is sure to be a conversation starter.

Jackson King V 2H Fire Crackle

This King V is captivating with its Fire Crackle metallic finish, which appears to change colors depending on how the light catches the instrument.  Features a 25.5” scale, quartersawn maple neck-thru alder body, bound ebony fingerboard with sharkfin pearl inlays and Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickups.

Jackson Soloist Arch Top 8-String Blackwater Trans

Master built by Joe Williams, this 8-string Soloist is a beast. Features a mahogany body, quartersawn maple neck-thru-body with ebony fingerboard and oiled neck finish, quilt maple arch top with a beautiful Black Water Trans finish, Direct Mount Lundgren Model M8 pickups and Hipshot Hard Tail Bridge.

Jackson Soloist 3-Single Coil Platinum Pink

If you were a child of the ‘80s, this guitar may be calling your name. The hot pink Soloist features a throwback ‘80s style white pickguard with matching headstock, complemented by a white truss rod cover.  Also features Seymour Duncan Little ’59 pickups and an original Floyd Rose bridge.

Jackson F Bird Snow White

A rare bird indeed, the Fire Bird is a Jackson model that has not often been seen too often since the ‘80s. Master Builder Mike Shannon revisited this shape for 2016 with this custom F Bird, featuring a Snow White finish with black trim and gold hardware. This triple humbucker features a DiMarzio DP100 in the bridge pickup and DiMarzio DP151 in the middle and neck pickups.

Jackson F Bird Reverse in Ferrari Red

As if the reverse F Bird didn’t stand out enough just with its shape alone, Shannon had it dipped in a Ferrari Red finish that absolutely screams.

Features a select alder body, quartersawn maple neck-thru, bound ebony fingerboard, Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickups and original Floyd Rose bridge.

Jackson Soloist Arch Top Green-Purple Flip/Flop

This guitar boasts many killer attributes but it’s the finish that makes it a true marvel as the color flips from green to turquoise to blue to purple depending on the light and the viewer’s angle.  Its bright green DiMarzio DP180 Air Norton neck pickup and purple DiMarzio DP152 Super 3 purple bridge pickup give it a bit of a Joker vibe but this thing emits deadly serious tones.

Jackson Soloist HS Bloodshot Crackle

Grab a bottle of Visine to take in this Soloist HS in a wild Bloodshot Crackle finish. Features a 25.5” scale, quartersawn maple neck-thru-alder body with bound ebony fingerboard and oiled neck finish, and a red DiMarzio DP155 Tone Zone in the bridge and a DiMarzio DP117 HS-3 in the neck.