David Ellefson Takes Fans Behind The Scenes of Hellfest

By MDuffy

June 19, 2012

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has posted an amazing nine-and-a-half-minute video from backstage before a June 15 show at France’s Hellfest.

While a little dark at the beginning, the clip is an edited look at the pre-concert buildup to the post-show reaction, with a lot of metal in between.

Watch Ellefson in action below.

In related news, Ellefson recently checked in with Guitar World, where he was interviewed about his signature line of Jackson X Series basses, the CB-XV and the CB-X.

“I struck up a new partnership with Jackson, one as a guy who plays them, and two, to get involved with the design aspect. Jackson is one of those companies that has made fantastic instruments, but they’re primarily a guitar company that also has basses,” Ellefson said.

“One of the artist-relations people who worked for them at the time said, ‘You are the face of the bass. When you think of a Jackson bass, David Ellefson of Megadeth is the guy.’ I was honored to take that role with them.

“The first ones we did were around the Rust in Peace tour. There was the black and the quicksilver. Those initially were offered out of the custom shop. They were quite expensive, several thousand dollars, but they are hand made by the original luthier who built my Jacksons back in the day, Mike Shannon. He came over when Fender acquired the company.

“We just rolled out the import series that drops the price point down to around $500 MSRP. These are much more affordable. They still have the EMG pickups and the electronics are laid out the same. It’s just an import version. The necks are actually skinnier, which make them more like the basses I played back in the day.”

Read the full interview here, and visit Megadeth’s official website for tour dates.