Amoral Previews Heavy Track from Forthcoming Album

By Jeff Owens

August 8, 2011

Amoral, with Varon second from right.

Helsinki, Finland, metallurgists Amoral have released another song from forthcoming fifth album Beneath. New track “(Won’t Go) Home” is playing online at Imperiumi.net through Aug. 10, and can also be found on the band’s website. Beneath is scheduled for late October release.

And whereas previously released lead-off single “Same Difference” leans toward hard rock, “(Won’t Go) Home” is way heavier, with snarling vocals and molten riffs from guitarists Ben Varon (who wields a Jackson Warrior) and Masi Hukari.

“‘(Won’t Go) Home’ is a heavy and technical track through and through,” said singer Ari Koivunen. “Masi’s Indian-flavored solo is also one of my favorites. Vocal-wise, this song was the hardest to pull off, as my voice was pretty blown after two weeks of singing in the studio. I ended up recording the vocals by myself during the small hours, and I’m very happy with the results.”