Metal Mike Drops New Lesson On Power Chords Built From Fourths

By MDuffy

July 5, 2012

Metal Mike Chlasciak has released a new lesson via Guitar World that focuses on using two-note power chords built from fourths.

“Most power chord forms in rock and metal and comprised of either two or three notes, usually with the root note placed as the lowest note in the chord, joined with a note a fifth higher to create the two-note form, or with an additional root note on top to create a three-note form,” he wrote.

“Equally effective are power chord forms built from fourths.”

Chlasciak further explains the technique in the video below.

Metal Mike also announced an August digital-only release for the “This Is War” EP, which is named for the second single off his upcoming full-length, The Metalworker.

For more information, visit his official website.