Megadeth's Chris Broderick Reacts to His Finished Soloist

By Jeff Owens

January 15, 2011

After exhaustively laboring over the design and features with the Jackson Custom Shop, Chris Broderick finally sees his finished signature Soloist in the flesh at the 2011 Jackson Showcase booth.

His immediate and initial reaction?

“I love it,” he professed. “It’s great. You can just feel the balance, the way it sits. It doesn’t want to drop at all on its neck. It’s awesome. When I look at the fretboard radius, I know it’s a 12-inch. I love that. I love the curve of a fretboard radius. The quilted maple lining is awesome. Even the way they’ve beveled it from the top into the neck. It almost looks seamless; as seamless as you could possible make it. It’s beautiful. Killer. Can’t wait to play it.”

Broderick’s wish was granted as he unleashed the guitar on Friday night at a Megadeth show at the Grove in Anaheim.