GAK Demos and Reviews the Pro Series Signature Mark Morton Dominion

By Morgan Brunner

October 7, 2016

Independent UK music retailer GAK recently demoed and reviewed the Pro Series Signature Mark Morton Dominion.

The video includes a detailed spec overview, followed by a well-rounded demo that showcases the guitar’s abilities to handle clean and distorted tones.

The reviewer also applauds the guitar for its vast array of specs and musical versatility, saying “We all know that even though Mark Morton plays in the band Lamb of God, he isn’t afraid to dive into the bluesy guitar solo realm and sort of jam out in a clean tone on his own. So that’s what I really like about this guitar. It could probably cover most bases of some rock, blues and all of that sort of stuff, and metal – especially speed metal.”

See the Mark Morton Dominion in action below: