Bass Player Magazine Tests Jackson JS2, JS3 and JS3V Basses

By Pauline France

December 23, 2011

If you pick up the December issue of Bass Player magazine, you’ll find a two-page spread featuring three new, sick basses — the Jackson JS2, JS3, and JS3V.

Bass Player’s Ed Friedland had the task of trying out these puppies, and he confessed he had “a hard time denying their appeal.”

Friedland also mentioned that those seeking to rock on a budget will get more than their money’s worth.

“These basses offer big tone, classic looks, and solid workmanship that exceed their price point,” said Friedland.

Friedland adds that these impressive axes will be welcomed by headbangers of any caliber.

“For the money, the sound, feel and performance of these basses are very impressive,” said Friedland. “Headbangers of all stripes are going to love them.”

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